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here now. that storm continues to move away and the people, the people here actually enjoying the power of mother nature. chris gordon was down talking to some of those people a little bit earlier this afternoon. the sound and the you're they of the waves attracted some ocean city visitors to take a close-up look or a picture. those watching from the protection of their balconies or walking down the boardwalk, appreciated nature's beauty from a little farther away. >> i wouldn't want to be out there at all. huh-uh. about it looks beautiful. i was walking down just looking at it. it is beautiful. never seen nothing like that before. not on the beach. >> reporter: by mid morning interesting wind picked up with gusts measured here at 26 miles an hour. even as the rain pelted, some visitors pedaled bicycles down the boardwalk. not letting a little rain ruin their vacation. >> it is nice for a bike ride.
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>> reporter: the ocean city beach patrol monitored the situation from vehicles after ordering their white wooden lifeguard towers taken down and dragged to the other side of the boardwalk for safety so they wouldn't be swept away by the surf. ocean city's mayor, rick, so that spo to us after one of his daily briefings by his emergency management team. >> the beach will be pretty rough. the surf, we'll see the erosion. we'll keep people out of the surf. we have restricted access to the surf at this time. beach patrol will be on duty at 5:00. the beach is open. we are restricting access to the surf and we will probably continue to do that throughout the day, throughout the duration of the storm. >> reporter: look at the size and the force of these waves. the mayor says that even after this storm passes, the sun returns, the beach patrol may put restrictions on the use of the ocean, allowing you in only up to your waist because the rip tides could be dangerous. in ocean city, maryland, chris
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gordon. news4. >> that's exactly right. the rip currents are going to be dangerous. not just during the day today but most likely tomorrow and probably into sunday as well. and i was talking to the life guards here earlier and they were saying, they're going to come out tomorrow morning as they normally do around 10:00 a.m. assess the situation and see if the people are going to be able to go back in the water. right now, everybody is allowed on the beach. but nobody is in the water. guys, i have to tell you. i've been down here for about the last six hours and conditions have improved greatly. it is a pretty nice beach night. >> imagine getting in the car and driving back here. >> it is supposed to be a nice weekend there. thanks a lot. north carolina governor beth purdue says her state dodged a bullet. andy fox continue the team coverage from nag head.
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>> reporter: hitting, backing off, hitting. now saerl gone but the storm is so big, we're still getting these driving rains. it is now low tide. the emergency management saying it could have been a lot worse and that we got lucky. it is career about the only thing really concerning them right now is the highway 12 overwash. washed out. d.o.t. department of transportation down there clearing the road getting the sand and water off the road. bonner bridge, you can't get to the southern part of hatteras because you can't get past highway 12. they're going to fix that. the other problems that they've had, see this? now we've got a whole other band of rain as earl is leaving. just shows you the power of a hurricane. for dare county emergency management, really happy that it wasn't worse than what they got. they're happy today. >> that was annie fox reporting
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in north carolina's governor says while damage is minimal, this should be used as a practice run because there are more, the hurricane season, more hurricane season is still ahead. >> with the weather, it is likely to be crowded on the area highways. a aaa survey finds 788,000 people from the d.c. area plan to travel more than 50 miles this weekend. the majority of those, about 730,000 will be driving. about 34,000 will fly. aaa says ocean city, bethany, rehoboth beach are the popular destinations. we're now hearing about the harrowing situation. a security guard there describe suspect james jay lee strapped with what appeared to be a bomb. >> he had something in his
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backpack. i don't know what it is. it looks like a bomb, ma'am. i don't know. get the phone for me, please. >> when you say it looks like a bomb, what does it look like? what is coming out of it? >> it looks like one on his back. a yellow one, a red one. >> today we're getting a new frerps some eye witnesses who work across the street from one discovery place. that's the address of the building. who saw the suspect james lee as he took people hostage for several hours before he was killed. here's tracee wilkins. >> reporter: when everything happened at the discovery communications on wednesday, there was only so much we could show you because of our limitations as mead and road blocks. there were people who had a very interesting perspective and were able to see everything from their point of view. today, they're sharing it. >> it is something that is in all of our minds constantly. we can't stop talk bigt here. >> reporter: the people who work here at in downtown silver spring had a unique view of what happened during the
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stand-off at discovery communications. >> to see all the employees literally walk through and around to the stairwell and coming down. police cars and tanks and blocking the streets. i grabbed my iphone and started taking pictures. in fact, the entire office took pictures, now posted on's website. including these pictures of the two hostages lying on the ground outside the discovery building. >> i saw them essentially spread eagle on the floor outside the building. not knowing if that was the gunman or the hostage. >> the suspect was shot and killed by montgomery county police. robots were sent in to defuse the bombs. that's when connie made a grass only discovery with her zoom lens. >> i was following the robot into the building and then with the zoom lens on may cam remark
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noticed his silhouette. that was what they were going for. it was scary. it was scary. lake you don't want to see that kind of thing. >> reporter: two days later, the office is beginning to move on. but the view from these windows will never be the same. >> and it also brings you back to how vulnerable we all are. every day you walk outside your home and you just don't know what will happen. >> reporter: the folks say there was some reservations about putting these pictures online them decided this was a story that deserved to be told. in silver spring, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. coming up, we'll hear more 911 call and firsthand accounts from the very first moments of that stand-off. a maryland lawmaker indicted on charges of bribery, could not spear and conspiracy will now step down.
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she will step aside until his legal issues are resolved. curry is accused of illegally using his influence to help shoppers food and pharmacy dealings. then he took more than $245,000 from the grocery chain between 2002 and 2008. his home was raided in 2008 as part of the federal investigation. currie's lawyer denies that he did anything wrong. still ahead, searching for answers in a family man's cold-blooded murder. we were robbed. he should be able to be alive doing what he is supposed to be doing. >> tonight the fight to bring his killer to justice one year after his death. no love at this tennis match. wait until you hear what sparked this fist fate in the stands of the u.s. open. i'm julie carey.
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a botherso somsom somsome beave problems. there is a strategy afoot. news4 at 5:00 is just getting started.
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a fast forward through headlines. we're getting a new perspective on wednesday's stand-off situation in the discovery channel building. employees who work across the street took these photos of the hostages on the ground outside
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the building before the stand-off suspect james jay lee was killed. hurricane earl has come and gone for much of the east coast. residents were hit with strong sginds rain in the early morning hours. damage was limited to mostly flooded roadways. there are no reports of any serious injuries. may not while in cape cod, storm preps are still underway for what earl may bring them. people are warned to stay off the beaches because of the rough surf. the storm could send 80-mile-per-hour wind gusts that way. enough to down trees and knock out power to thousands. it is now a beautiful evening in ocean city. >> surf's up. that's where meteorologist doug kammerer is. >> hi, doug. >> reporter: health officially you want to see just how beautiful it is? take a look at this. look at this family. they have brought out the kids. they have brought out the buckets. >> they're waving to us.
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that's how beautiful it is. earlier today we have tropical storm force winds of about 40 miles an hour around the region. we had some rain as well. now it is beautiful. as a matter of fact, the beach patrol has been out and about all day long since 10:00 this morning. they have been monitoring the beach. the beach is open. however, the ocean itself is closed. they're not letting anybody in including surfers. whether you're a good surfer or not, they are not let ug in. i talked to some of them earlier today. i talk to the captain in ocean city and he had a lot to say. >> the life guards were here at 10:00 like in the middle of a sunny summer day. we'll have patrols here to keep people out of the water. tomorrow morning, it comes back. >> you're a surfer looking at the waves going i could ride the waves but you're not allowed. >> definitely a little bit of a shock bummer but it is understandable. i'm a former lifeguard so i know where they're coming from.
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it is pretty unsafe for the inexperienced guys. >> reporter: again they're talking about rip currents and the rip current threat overzmat into the day, let's take a look at the latest on earl. right now, a category 1 storm. 80-mile-an-hour winds making its way away from our coastline and here we go. the radar picture showing where it has been. it's been around the region. we have seen some shower activity here. even some moderate downpours around the beaches. that is all gone. as far as the winds are concerned with this storm, what have we seen? let take a look at a couple of the sites. ocean city seeing a peak wind gust of 36 miles an hour. but only about a 10th of an inch of rain and kill devil hills, north carolina, picking up 58 miles an hour winds. there have been some reports of hurricane gust winds in north carolina but nothing like that for us. the heaviest rain has been down to the south as well. look at ocean city's rain. only a 10th of an inch.
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about tone 15 miles offshore in ocean city, we've seen upwards of four inches of rain. i saw that a little earlier. as far as what we'll be sweeg the track of the storm, it will be continuing toward the north and east toward cape cod. maybe just off the coast there. they could experience tropical storm force winds easily overnight. but then it continues to move out. what can you expect over the next couple days down here? at the beaches? rehoboth? bethany beach? toward chincoteague? it will be great. it will be on the windy side. we'll see winds upwards of 15 to 25 miles an hour on your saturday. we'll see high temperature around 79 degrees and remember, those rip currents are going to be out on sunday. mostly sunny. winds out of the west at 5 to 15 miles per hour. we're shaping up for a good weekend and monday, labor day will be a picture perfect day, no matter where you are. so again, we're looking at some great weather. i have to tell you, i brought just about everything i could
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bring for the possibility of seeing the winds. now i'm a little upset. the only thing i didn't bring? flip flops. a little bit upset. i have to be honest. i've got to be honest. >> that's awful. but you can probably buy a pair at the dollar store. >> reporter: i'm going there. don't worry. >> they might only have the color pink left though. >> reporter: i'll take it. >> all right. let's take a look at what's happening. we're talking about a cooldown for the weekend. out there today. it wasn't cool at all. in fact, plenty warm and sticky. 88 degrees, the temperature at reagan national. what it feels like, 98 degrees. now later tonight we'll see a lot of that cloud cover continue to move out of here. dropping to 76 degrees by 11:00 p.m. the sun is up at 6:40. sunshine first thing tomorrow morning. then we'll probably see a few clouds during the afternoon. there is earl again racing away.
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the center just about east of ocean city. look at what is behind it. there is more rain. that is a cold front. earl races away, look at these numbers them continue to increase. what that is is the wave heights up around areas of montauk and right off the coast new jersey. at about 10 to 17 feet, hopefully things will be subsiding quickly and rip currents again through the weekend as you heard doug say. behind the cold front, cooler temperatures. they'll be lowering. 10 to 15 degrees already behind the spots like detroit and chicago in the 60s today. low 70s there in detroit. the next 48 hours, the front comes through the area. our skies clear. tomorrow morning, maybe a few clouds by the afternoon. sunny to mostly sunny through the day tomorrow. then i think we'll have lots of sunshine coming our way for sunday. so here's your forecast. continued clearing. we'll drop out of 80s to the upper 70s. and by tomorrow morning, breezy sunshine. 65 to 69 degrees.
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tomorrow's high, right about upper 70s to around 80 degrees. it will be cooler. certainly feeling that way with a bit of wind. we should lose the wind on sunday. hold on to the sunshine and have a high of about 84, 85 degrees on labor day. so a good cookout weather. >> i bet a lot of folk are upentity canceling their plans. >> some for sure. it has really behind the the crowd out. >> probably can't get a room. >> the leading chairman of the council clashed over kwame brown's financial problems. the challenger says brown's struggles could undermine the city's credibility but brown said he has taken steps to clear that up. tom sherwood has our report. >> reporter: the d.c. councilmember kwame brown is running for chairman of the council. he has a substantial lead over vincent orange in a recent "washington post" poll. >> we will now be having a covering. >> reporter: during a join appearance friday on wamu radio,
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they clashed over nbc reports earlier this summer that kwame brown has been sued by three credit card company for $50,000 in personal debt. now brown is being questioned by the city's campaign finance office over debts and expenditures in his political activities. >> it is old news. we've addressed this information a number of tames. was it a sloppy accounting work on the campaign filing? you take responsibility for that. the credit cards, i take responsibility for that. in terms of what i've done professionally, i've hassle the utmost character. >> reporter: he says the issues do undermine the city's accountability during economic time. >> it is not just personal finance. it is personal finance and now campaign finance. is this the person you want to send to wall street to represent us? what is his credit score? he didn't take responsibility. >> what does it mean? >> it mean kwame brown is not responsible. he lacks judgment. he should have cleaned this up before he came forward.
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>> reporter: on other city issues, both candidates agree there should be more tough budget cutting ahead. and both said they can canada reform going whether michelle reid remains chancellor or not. tom sherwood, news4, washington. >> the "washington post" poll shows kwame brown with a it was-point lead over vin send orange. voters in prince george's county who can't get to the polls on election day don't have to vote absentee anymore. for the first time voters in prince george's are being allowed to vote early in the primary election. voter will decide on the nominees for maryland governor and the county executive and some other county seats as well. you can vote at the libraries, college park community center, upper marlboro community center and the sports and learning come next thanover. still ahead, get ready for delays on metro. the transit agency closing several stations. gearing up for the largest maintenance in its history. feigned out what had people
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lining up around the building. i'm liz crenshaw. who is in charge of naming hurricanes? that's the question.
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why is so much apple juice
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imported from china? does homeowner's insurance cover flooding during a water main break? and who name the hurricanes anyway? liz crenshaw is here with the answers. our first question come from a viewer who is concerned that am juice being imported from outside the united states. this amazes me. she said she's been noticing most major brands of apple juice made in china shelf want to know why so much juice is being imported and if it is safe for her children to be drinking it. especially when we have so many apples in this country. >> we did ask the u.s. department of agriculture. it said in 2009 alone, nearly 80% of all apple juice imported to the u.s. came from china. and that china produces half of all the apples worldwide. and that high volume means lower cost. the usda says not to worry, there have been no major worries with imported apple juice
5:25 pm
imported from china. >> our next question from adam, he wants to know if homeowner's insurance covers flooding during a water main break. >> we went to the insurance institute. it says no. homeowner's insurance rarely covers damage from a water main break. flood insurance that you buy from the government would have to cover that damage. if your home is damaged because of the water main break, you can try calling your water and sewer provider to ask those company for reimbursements. our last question has it wondering how hurricane earl got its name. who is in charge of naming all these hurricanes? >> they guided us to the national hurricane center for the answer to this question. they said over there, hurricanes have names so they can be easily tracked and identified. and that way people don't confuse different storms. the world meteorological
5:26 pm
organization has been naming them since 1950. the name are list in the alphabetical order but they do leave out q, u, x, y and z because those letters aren't as commonly used in first name. there are different lists for different parts of the world. but of course here in d.c., we mostly see hurricanes that are simply on the atlantic list. the lists repeat every six years, except if a storm is so destructive that its name is retired and if we have another one to face after earl, it will be fiona as you said earlier. >> which is a pretty name. >> if you have a question would you like to ask liz, send it in and you can use this e-mail teeth contact us about any story idea you have. >> so no hurricane ulysses or xavier. >> no. >> isn't fiona shrek's wife? >> she may be. >> yeah! way to go! >> you just never know when
5:27 pm
barbara harrison is watching. >> like a boyfriend of mine's ex-girlfriend. i have issues. >> we're not going there. >> okay, moving on, moving on. still ahead, still no arrests in a cold case. what the victim's wife wants you to know about her husband's unsolved murder. business back lash, some business owners say they're being driven out by city officials. the new rules that threaten to cut into their bottom line. and thousands came to watch the u.s. open but the real action was in the stands.
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed.
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my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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we dodged it. it is heading up the coast. hurricane earl. and chief meteorologist doug kammerer has been watching it go by from ocean city. >> it has brought up a lot of surf. >> reporter: a lot of surf and a lot of people have been salivating. those surfers wanting to get into water. they have not been able to get in. take a look. the lifeguard says they blew the whistle. then we are off duty. and i would say about a dozen surfers just ran into the water right there. they are ready to go. and ready to try their hand at some of these waves that earl is bringing in. i tell you one thing, every single one of them was talk to by one of the life guards who said, do you really want to do this? think about it. think about it twice. they thought about it for about five seconds and they are in the water right now. i'll tell you what.
5:31 pm
a gorgeous day across the area right now. earl, i told you yesterday, a lot of people would say what hurricane? that's exactly what we're seeing across the area. look at this. men of sunshine out there. a nice day. temperature got up to 91 degrees. now earl is pulling away. it will continue to do. so it will be rather cool and breezy during the day tomorrow. a lot cooler than it was today. highs only in the 70s tomorrow but then nice weather for the whole holiday weekend. saturday, sunday and monday. i'll be back with the full forecast, or veronica will be. we'll be watching these surfers over the next couple minutes. these are some huge waves. ladies? >> and i remember covering a hurricane down in virginia beach where the police actually came and were arresting surfers as they came out of the water because they were told not to go in. sometimes they really take it seriously down there. >> a little earlier today. >> thanks, doug. check in with you later.
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>> thank you. and now to the story of a woman named mary davis, and the man she knew she would marry when she was just 11 years old. >> one year ago, that man, her husband was shot and killed in forestville, maryland. she said that's the day an incredible love story came to an end. >> reporter: when fred davis was just 13 and mary herbert was 11, he told her he wanted to marry her. >> he told me that he wanted to marry me and he wanted to grow old with me. rr seven years later, they elope and took wedding vows in front of a judge in upper marlboro. >> it was romantic. the secret of eloping was exciting to him. >> reporter: she was a nurse. he was a rodeo rider. a champion rodeo rider. an accomplished golfer. this is one of his trophies. an avid hunter.
5:33 pm
this is his bear. with all of this going on, fred always found time for mary. >> we were very special. he wrote me little poems. we always did little, planned little vacations. got away. friday was our day. all the friends knew it's friday. fred has to go. >> reporter: he worked as a contractor. fixing this, remodeling that. that's exactly what he was doing one year ago at this building on forestville road. working on a bathroom when a man come in an open door, goes upstairs, fires a gun, kills fred davis. the best evidence in the way, shadowy security camera video of the suspect leaving the scene. no words were spoken. nothing was taken. no motive established. but they don't want to you
5:34 pm
forget what happened here to fred davis. >> the suspect ran down forestville road so somebody had to have seen him. somebody knows about this. >> we were robbed. he and i were robbed. yes. he should be able to be alive doing what he was supposed to be doing. we should be able to live our lives doing what we had planned. >> reporter: back at the scene one year later. a plea for help to find the killer. they say fred davis had many friends. no enemies. they can't understand why anyone would do such a thing. fred davis. dead. at age 53. i'm pat collins, news4, prince george's county. >> there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and convict in this case. pawn shop owners are rallying against a new bill in
5:35 pm
prince george's county. this bill threatens pawn shop owners with steep fines for errors in their record keeping. it would also make the shop's license nontransferable. so if the shop owner wants to sell the store, they can't. the bill is up for a vote next week. there's help for d.c. residents who can't afford their utility bills and it is available at the convention center. the annual joint utility discount day is happening there until 7:00 tonight. government agencies and vendors are helping apply for lower rights their electric, gas and water and phone bills. these want to apply should bring proof of household income, recent utility bills and proof that service has been cut off. new unemployment figure are out today. and jobless number actually increased to 9.6%. >> secretary of state hillary clinton told israeli and palestinian leaders that time is not on their side hoping to inject some urgency into possible peace talks.
5:36 pm
joining us to talk about all of this, "meet the press" moderator david gregory. hi, how are you. the economy, the economy, the economy. president obama is being urged to do something bold. >> right. he made an aleuti. the truth is getting anything done legislatively between now and november difficult. making a real impassion on how deep the reselling is at this point in this economy, or if you call it a fragile recovery. it is a largely jobless recovery. that's the reality. you have such an anemic recovery. why that is the case, why the recovery is so lethargic is something overall that has to be addressed long term. and i think everybody recognizes that it is a huge drag for the president and his party. >> there is another big story this week, of course, the peace deal that the administration is
5:37 pm
hoping the get. secretary of state hillary clinton hosting those peace talks between israelis and palestinians. what are the chances that something will come out of that? >> i think they're happy to be talking. when he said the secretary is trying to inject some urgency into it, you have such head winds here. this is important for the administration to try to get in the middle of this. on both sides, you have kind of a precarious political position for them to be able to deliver on piece. yet it is worth trying. worth trying pursue peace for its own right and because of the larger picture in the middle east. particularly the iranian impact and the threat it poses to israel. >> who is on the show this week? >> we'll talk to lindsay graham from south carolina about the foreign affair challenges the president faces. also, david plouffe, he'll talk about the blueprint for democrats as they head into a very difficult mid material election season. >> like walking into a buzz saw.
5:38 pm
>> okay. thank you. "meet the press," 10:30 on sunday here on nbc 4. still ahead, the chain smoking toddler has finally kicked the habit. plus, fighting crime. the man reaches for a case of pepsi.
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indonesia's smoking toddler has apparently kicked the habit. a or the clerk uses an unusual weapon to fight off a robber. and a fan take-down caught on tape at the u.s. open. we're about to do stories that make you say what? indonesia's smoking toddler has kicked the habit. his parents said they let him smoke because he threw tantrums when he was denied cigarettes. the video of the boy puffing away sparked international outrage and he was put in rehab. psychologists say he stopped asking for cigarettes after he was removed from his environment and introduced to more child friendly occupations. a man with a 21 versus a man with a case of pepsi. who wins? a ft. worth texas store caught the acas a robber tried to climb through the window but an employee was arm with cans. soda. he started tossing at the guy, hitting him in the head. the clerk got away with $400.
5:42 pm
how did that happen? and a brawl broke out in the stands of the u.s. open last night. it started when a woman told the man to stop using the "f" word. she said to hit him if she had a problem with that. so she did. he slapped her back. another man got involved. and there they go. eventually security arrived escorting all three of them out of the stadium. >> say what? still ahead, blame the beavers. how officials plan to handle the hairy situation. in sports, the redskins directed many of the starters last night against cardinals with one large exception. and it was part of the plan. and it was part of the plan. dan hellie has the details
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we'll fast forward through headlines. a woman in prince george's county is asking for help in finding the person who murdered her husband. it happened a year ago today. fred davis was shot and killed while working in a home in forestville, maryland. police still haven't made an arrest in this case. there is a $25,000 reward. local pawn shop owners healed protest against a new bill in prince george's county. the bill required shop owners to keep better records. it would make a license nontransferable. that mean the pawn shop owner wanted to sell the store, they could not. the bill is up for a vote next week. there is a big crowd at the d.c. convention center. residents looking for help to pay their utility bills. the joint utility discount day is going on until 7:00 tonight.
5:46 pm
residents who can't afford their bills get help applying for discount rates. and five guys from our area are headed for the camden, new jersey waterfront this weekend. they toys night out team and this year's red bull competition. it means flying day in german. it also refers to a challenge in which team build home made human powered flying machines. they launched them off a 30-foot high desk in hopes of achieving flight. most if not all will end up in the delaware river tomorrow. we caught one the team in laurel tomorrow. >> it was highly competitive just to get in. to be selected. so it was just something super ridiculous fun that we could do. plus we had all these costumes laying around so what are you going to do? >> if the toys night out seem familiar, it was in a kia commercial that first aired in the super bowl this year with a song entitled, "how do you like
5:47 pm
me now?" >> who doesn't have a lot of costume lying around. >> i have all kinds of costumes lying around my house. >> i know you do. >> the kids costumes are everywhere. >> i was wondering. >> well, wendy's mind was going in the gutter. i know where wendy was going. >> speaking of thing that's are low, what on earth happened in arizona? >> here's the thing. the fourth and final preseason game. the outcome, who cares? they lost. who cares? they got a lot of guys fighting for jobs. a lot of guys who didn't play preseason wrapped up for the redskins last night with nearly all of the starters in key back-ups watching the game from the sidelines. 31 player didn't suit up in a losing effort now. the redskins to have cut 22 guys. they will probably do this before saturday's practice at 1:00 in the afternoon. as for the
5:48 pm
hi&ñ best run of the preseason. 13 yards in a first down. parker, seven carries. he tries to save his job. that sets up this. a 50-yard field goal and it was true. right down the pipe. ties the game at 3-3. you have to take the good with the bad. i feel like i'm staying facts of life theme song. i'm talking about brandon bank. he is only about 150 pounds. he is lightning fast.
5:49 pm
he scores touchdowns and punt returns but he also drops the ball. a fumble that he recovered. and a pretty good return in that game. just before halftime, the first touchdown of the game. alfonso smith does a little john wall dance right here. that's because he went to kentucky and i'm guessing that he know john wall. so he is allowed. the skins finally ready to do some housework. richard bartel to terrance austin. the rookie out of ucla scores from 21 yards out. austin thank ha big game. five catches, 94 yards. the skins down 20-10. surprise, surprise. look who is in the game late in the fourth quarter. haebz haynesworth. he plays 49 of 55 defensive snaps. that could be a personal record. 20-10, the final. talking about why he played big albert so long. >> we have to get him some playing time so he can get back in football shape and i have to look at the film to tell you how he ñiplayed.
5:50 pm
that's one of the reasons he played defense and nose tackle position. we have to get him as good as he can possibly be and getting in football shape, there is only one way to do it, that's to practice and play. >> did he know he would be played so much? >> oh yaerg. he knew. the coaches that he knew. >> [ inaudible ] when he played that much, does that bode well? >> after i take a look at the film and see how he played. >> he didn't even look tired there in the powers the quarter. when asked about how much he played, he said no comment. there are bound to be some guys released by the redskins who will be surprised. some think there's a chance the third year receiver devin thomas could get axe. others who have been around, guys like defensiveback. westbrook. he beat the odds by administration it in the nfl. out of division three, salisbury. after a couple years on the practice squad, he finally played in his first regular season nfl game last year.
5:51 pm
he is in waiting mode. >> you really can't think about that. guys shouldn't worry about it. hopefullyñi everythingxd works . it is part of the business. been here for four years. i'm very fortunate to be here four years but if it is guaranteed, that's great. if not, i put that out preseason. hopefully it did turn out for me good. >> byron has been well schooled by big brother brian who is now the back-up running back in san francisco. of course, he used to play for the eagles for many years. we'll have more coming out. the official have spent the last few months doing battle with a certain feature. the culprit has been mowing down
5:52 pm
trees. the city is now calling on residence to help out with the solution. >> the pond at alexandria's park looks peaceful but there is a destructive force that lurks beneath the lily pad. one very busy, busy beaver. the damage the bier left behind is everywhere. stumps are left behind of more than 20 trees. >> in the spring when the cher trees were supposed to be in bloom, they were chopped down. >> reporter: the park official said the voracious beaver arrived about ten months ago. >> one beaver came to this pond and said, well, hey, i like this. easy food. >> reporter: this beaver did not set out to build a dam. instead he was dragging the trees to his underwater burrough. >> it was really noticeable when we started taking larger trees at the park. at that point we really had to get ahold of it and say, what
5:53 pm
are we going to do? how will we protect the rest of the park? >> reporter: what to do about this bothersome beaver. option one, take it someplace else like they did on the tidal basin a few years ago but there was a problem with that. >> we set the trap. the beaver decided that he didn't like the trap so he didn't come. >> reporter: perhaps he was too busy building his fan club. >> this one, he just seem to be used to people. he said he posed for pictures. people would stand by him and he would pose. >> i'm pro tree but i didn't want to see him harmed in any way. he is just doing what critters do. >> reporter: so park officials settled on these. beaver busting wire screens wrapped around the trees. they've been experimenting to find out which works best. some were too low. the beaverñi climbed over and s himñi newing away. they soeltd this terrell style. now they're asking for community volunteers to turn out on september 11 to help rewrap the
5:54 pm
trees. >> we just need a lot of help. there is over 300 trees we need to protect and to have the people come out and participate in this is a great family opportunity. >> maybe the believer show up to pose for family photos. news4, alexandria. >> he will have his own facebook soon, i imagine, if he hasn't already. looking ahead, maybe we should ask her what we should do with that beaver. we've got a lot coming up. a man is caught on camera ripping the copper down spout right off a d.c. church. we'll have that story. there is new hope for those 33 miners trapped deep down in that mine in chile. and somebody thinks drivers in the nation's capital are some of worst drivers in the country. imagine that. those stories and more coming up at 6:00.
5:55 pm
pack your patience if you're riding metro this weekend. >> which stations will be shut ♪ [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. go to
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to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all.
5:57 pm
there could be many some major delays this weekend. >> the transit agency takes one of the largest maintenance projects in its history. here's megan mcgrath with what
5:58 pm
you need to know. >> reporter: it's being called one of the largest maintenance projects in metro history. this weekend, metro will close five stations on the red line in order to make upgrades and safety improvements. the signs have been up for a while. many riders are already making plans. >> i've made plans not to be there this weekend. >> you knew about the closure. >> i knew about the closure. >> the silver spring, wheaton and glenmont stations will be closed until tuesday morning. metro will run free shuttle bus
5:59 pm
if everything goes as scheduled, all five stations will be open for tugs morning's commute. >> that's it for news4 at 5:00. news4 at 6:00 starts right now. hurricane earl is racing up the east coast and knocking out powerful. >> the storm is having an impact on air travel for people on this labor day weekend. but it appears hurricane earl may stay offshore. >> we have live team coverage on hurricane earl for you tonight. from the local impact to the beaches. we begin with our chief meeo
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